In the event of an emergency, FlagMii® acquires your geographic position
and forwards it to the local emergency service for you.
FlagMii® is designed, developed and managed by Regola S.r.l., an Italian company boasting almost 20 years of experience in the domain of computerized medical emergency management.

Regola has a long-run collaboration with many Italian Emergency Response Centres, and designs dispatch platforms and emergency management systems on an international scale. The skills of Regola's professionals in emergency management were also employed in occasion of Torino's 2006 Winter Olympics.

FlagMii® originates from years of solid experience, including the results provided by the European project Open-DAI, which made possible the field-testing of some of the technologies in use.

The FlagMii® system was designed building on the company's very experience, keeping high quality standards and focusing the attention on typical issues in the domain of emergency and assistance. The main elements taken into account during the design and project stage are versatility and privacy issues, as well as aspects/activities related to the emergency management routine.

FlagMii® combines characteristics such as accuracy and exactness, essential in a domain as delicate as that of emergency, with requirements in terms of ease of use and promptness, typical of latest generation cellphone apps.